Why You Should Be Using Video Content to Generate More Leads!
The real estate industry has steadily grown its digital presence through a rapidly increasing number of online real estate databases and websites. However, due to increased internet traffic, it’s becoming even more important to stand out amongst the ocean of competing voices. One of the best ways to improve internet visibility is by creating video content, and with the appropriate tools being more accessible than ever, it has never been easier to make videos.
Generating more leads online is a topic we’ve covered before, and if those strategies work, is the addition of video content really necessary?
Considering how the wealthiest of agents are 78% more likely to post video content (just ask the “Listing Boss” himself, Hoss Pratt), videos are worth implementing if you’re looking to see more success. Regardless of generation, more than 90% of home buyers start their home search by looking online. Furthermore, 85% of buyers and sellers say they prefer working with an agent that posts video content. With 3 billion hours of video content consumed by YouTubers each month, and 100 million hours of video content watched on Facebook, video’s rapidly growing presence cannot be ignored. With more engagement and retention levels seen from videos than text, you’re preventing your business from staying top of mind by not participating in the visual movement.
All this data clearly shows the relevance and importance videos can have in the real estate industry, but without proper execution, it’s only statistics.
There are several constructive ways you can make sure your video content gets in front of the right eyes:
 The first step is creating a YouTube channel for your business. With a 51% audience share, YouTube is now the top video research destination for house hunters, and with “Find an Agent” searches on YouTube increasing by 46% yearly, it should be your primary upload location for your listing videos.
 Once uploaded to YouTube, it is incredibly easy to add your video content to your website and social media pages, and even easier for your followers to share them.
 You will also find that you can reuse many videos you make in multiple ways to create an almost limitless source of content for social media marketing. This “evergreen” content, will be useful to your business and to others while continuing to attract prospects well into the future.
Video continues to grow as the dominant platform for entertainment, education, and communication. To avoid being left behind and stunting your potential lead generation efforts, it is in your best interest to develop video content. More people are watching videos, people are using YouTube for realty inquiries, and modern-day video is easier and more affordable to produce. It’s clear that the digital movement has made it easier for agents to find high-quality leads than ever before.
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